New account process timing

I set up the Niyo Account yesterday and also got the in person verification done today. But, there is nothing I can do with the account now except load money in to it.

The timeline is a process of longest bottleneck step which is the print and delivery of the debit card now. This takes away the great impression I had with the less than 2 minute account opening time.

While the Debit card is important for some services, if you could delink it from the usage of other banking services (transfers/investments etc.), I will speed up my usage of app, make me explore it when I am actually excited (rather than 1 week from now).

Again, just a simple solution because this is how most ‘regular’ bank accounts (even PSU ones). Do let me know if you have any questions about this or need me to elaborate a bit further.


Hi Anup,

Thanks for your feedback. By this weekend you will be able to access the app without physical card. You will have a digital version of card made available to you which can be used for setting up the card pin, UPi PIN and start enjoying full services.

Please be on a lookout for app update.



I am not able to open niyo app,
Niyo account is set up, every time I enter aap passcode it process and crashed,

Hey Harsh! Have you tried clearing the cache, updating app to the latest version? If no, please try these steps and if you still face any issues, write to us just by tapping on the Whatsapp icon in the app & we will assist you.

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Cache is cleared, app is already updated
Still facing same problem
App crashed

Thank you for the confirmation, Harsh! We’re already working towards a fix. Please lookout for the app updates.

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I want to know that I deposit 10,000 rupees while opening niyo IDFC first,
When 10,000 rupees will reflect in my niyo IDFC account

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Hey Harsh! Your deposit will be credited instantaneously upon account creation. There is, however, still a possibility where the crediting process can fail. In this case, your Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank Savings Account will be manually credited within 2 business days.

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