New Account freeze or blocked

Yesterday i opened niyo idfc account, and already setup IDFC FIRST NetBanking and APP through customer id, account number and OTP.

I already setup upi using virtual card which showing in IDFC FIRST APP.

For testing i send ₹100 from my ICICI to niyo which was successful.

But Now the problem is debit transaction not working- showing account freezed or blocked error when try to send money through NEFT or UPI.

Note- Tried NEFT and UPI from IDFC first app. And UPI from PhonePe. Both giving me same error.

If my new account is blocked? Kindly solve it.

Hey Rohit! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We have highlighted your concern to the bank and we are working towards getting this resolved for you. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update in the matter. LK

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I also contacted NIYO yesterday through WhatsApp, Got reply-

As we could see that your account onboarding has some issues. It’s still incomplete. That is why the reason you can’t make transactions. We have already escalated the issue with the concerned team with ticket ID 900315. Once if it is fixed we will update you proactively. Post that you can be able to make transactions. <

  • I’m Very unhappy with Niyo Onboarding experience, Kindly help me ASAP. :sleepy:
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Hey Niyo team,

Kindly solve my problem ASAP, I’m in big trouble and need urgent access to my money. My ₹10100 frozen… unfair per as your T&C, which saying money will not blocked.

Rohit Agarwal

Same issue here, new Niyo IDFC Savings Account and unable to transfer money also unable to turn on online payments or cash withdrawals for Debit card.

Issue resolved by Niyo :slight_smile:

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Issue resolved after biomatric KYC.