New account for idfc

Is possible to open New account for Niyo idfc first bank…i have to go abroad, so before that i need to get one new account. I heard that onboarding for niyo idfc has temporarily stopped. Thank you

Hey Arun! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We have temporarily stopped onboarding for Niyo IDFC FIRST Savings Bank accounts. Stay tuned for more updates. LK

I heard it was resume, onboarding for Niyo IDFC First bank was working now…Is it true? Can i open new account now.

Yes, Arun! Please go ahead. LK

While opening a new account 10k funding is mandatory?

Yes, Ashish! The deposit amount is compulsory. LK

What about 10k MAB for new customer?

There is no MAB to be maintained anymore, Shaheen. LK

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