NEFT transfer not completed despite 24 hours of transfer

Transferred money using NEFT is not reflecting the receptionist account despite 24 hours of transfer.
Other banks NEFT does not take this much time, please revert with assistance.

Hey Akshay, please let us know the date and time of when the transaction was initiated so that we can further look into this. SR

The transaction was done on 12th December at 3.14 PM.
Tried calling your CC, didn’t connect. Kindly arrange a callback, the money transfer was urgent and would like to have it sent soon.

What kind of pathetic service is this. My money is stuck, the call doesn’t proceed further after the IVR and the number is not toll free? How should one have the services to be used? Please refund my money if you kind put your stuff together. Closing this stupid account for good :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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