Need niyo global card with 0 forex markup

Is niyo signature visa card and niyo global card same? Do they both offer zero forex markup rate?

Hey @shivani_sangal! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Niyo Global by SBM offers a Visa Signature debit card while Niyo Global by DCB offers a Visa Platinum debit card. Both the cards offer 0 forex mark-up on international transactions. Currently, the onboarding for Niyo Global by DCB is on hold. It may take a few more months to start the services.

We are excited to inform you of our upgraded Niyo Global offering, Niyo Global by SBM. You can now download Niyo Global by SBM app from the Play/App store and grab your forex card by completing the onboarding process in simple steps.

Play Store link:
App Store Version: ‎Niyo Global on the App Store