Need more resources for KYC


My full KYC is pending and all my attempts to schedule the KYC have no result/response from the KYC vendor. I’ve see posts of many other account holders having same issue. I suggest increasing the resources/vendors here as adding more customers/features will not help if KYC can’t be done on time. Please look into this,

Parag Patil

Hi Parag,

Did you try reaching out to our support team?
Our support team is working tirelessly round the clock to provide you seamless instant solutions

You can reach out to them from NiyoX App > Menu > Support.

Hi Bansari,

As per your suggestion I’ve reached out to the support team and was advised to reschedule again. I was also was told that due to UIDAI server being down today, biometric could not be completed today. I believe this messaging is incorrect. KYC was not at all scheduled today,

I sincerely hope that the KYC is completed at the next scheduled date and I’ll update here at that point.


Hi Parag,
Surely I would look into it and make sure your biometric verification is carried out smoothly.


Hi Niyo Team,

The KYC process is complete. I was surprised that it took less than a minute to complete it.


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Hello @xparagx . We are happy to have you onboard. If you have any concerns or queries in the future, feel free to reach out again!