Name in CKYC and Aadhar Information Does not match

Hi, I only have a single name, first name only and no last name/surname in all of my official documents, including Aadhar, PAN Card, passport and others. While I was trying to open my account through the mobile app, as I am going for my higher studies in the UK, it said my information in CKYC and Aadhar does not match and that’s why I can’t open an account. Please help!

Hey @anikett

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As we checked, your CKYC has not met the conditions, which shows that your details fetched from the NSDL server have been found to have a mismatch. We request you to check if the details updated in your ID proofs are the same update in the central repository as well.

Ranjith M

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Hey @Ranjith

How should I check and correct the mismatch in details in the central repository? Please guide me.

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Hi Ranjith, I’m facing the same issue. How exactly we can correct the names?