My niyox account is freezed

My account is freezed without informing me. What’s the reason.

Hey @aarifshah

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This is certainly not the conversation we intended to have with you. Kindly revert to the mail communication from the bank at with with the requested details. The bank will review and direct the further course of action, in 4-5 business days.

Ranjith M

Lot’s of accounts are freezing by bank. What niyo and equitas are doing with customers. Without informing customer their accounts are freezing and process to unfreeze is taking a lot of days.

@Ranjith I am seeing lot of posts about account freeze, which makes me worried that is it going to happen to me?

It is good to have some security measures in place but not at the inconvenience of all the customers. I know that money would be safe but getting that would also be a lot of hassle and who will be responsible if it is an emergency situation for money.

Atleast I suggest that there should be some information on which type of transactions are being treated as fradulent for the account to be freezed.

Absolutely right @Naveen_Reddy

Hey @Naveen_Reddy

We certainly understand your concern. This is not intended to make our customers in distress. The action from the bank is in order to ensure the funds are secure and restrict fraudulent/ suspicious activity using the account. Rest assured, we only wish our customers are safe and enjoy our services. For those accounts which have been freezed by the bank, mail communications are sent.
Worry not, we’re always here as your voice to pitch in any moment you need assistance.

Ranjith M

My account not transaction freezed no debit what problem my account

@Ranjith Thanks for your reply.

If it is possible can you please check with bank and provide some info on these transactions which are flagged.
Is it because of transacting on some malicious websites or something else… so that we can have some understanding and try to avoid such type of transactions

Hi @ramjanu89, welcome to our community!Our sincere apologies for the account freeze hassle. Equitas bank has frozen some accounts where they found some unusual transactions. Unfortunately, we do not know what counts as unusual transactions. You may have received an email from the bank. The bank needs some information You need to reply to all 6 questions and send the answer to Once you send them your answers, the bank will review your answers. If the answers are alright, then Equitas bank will get back to you in up to 5 working days to unfreeze your account.

Sir tell me my account was not transaction what problem my account

We are not doing any unusual and fraud transaction. If you have found such transactions then why you are not showing or marking that transaction to us. The actual reason is that the customers who transacting a amount over lakhs in a month their accounts are freezing generally. If you can’t afford that transaction then set a limit of transactions instead of account freeze.

Hey @aarifshah

As informed, earlier you may seek clarity by writing to, requesting the reason or basis why the account has been freezer. The bank will review and guide you with the needed information.

Ranjith M

After sending my declaration to bank I didn’t received any update by bank. Unfreezing process of your account takes lot of time and we can’t access our money. This is scam.

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