My niyo global sbm card is useless from the day received

Dear Niyo
Ticket Id - 1011618, was raised on 26th August for unable to do POS /ATM transactions. It is 3 weeks now,my problem not resolved. Customer care agreed for replacement on last week. But no dispatch details available in delhivery. It is useless to hold an account with faulty debit card.
I am planning to close account and apply for another good forex card. Niyo customer care staff are very sluggish.
The purpose of opening account is failed.

@ashrithjain @Bansari , innumerable service requests and complaints to niyo team, even got calls from @ashrithjain stating that a new card would be dispatched as my and my dad’s niyo sbm card not working at pos and ATMs ,but they have all been empty promises ,guys I had high hopes on niyo sbm card but thank god I was here when I tried it out…I have seen reviews of people who are stuck abroad and in same situation as mine…

Hey @Maan ! As per our previous telephonic conversation, we’ll be dispatching new cards for both you and your dad.

Appreciate your patience.

@ashrithjain @Bansari , I and dad are still in india, as per our last talk ,pls send the replacement card to mumbai, as we are yet awaiting flights to open up for Canada and travel plans are tentative.

Hey @Maan ! Noted :spiral_notepad:


Dear ashrithjain,
Topic raised by me. But I didn’t got replied. I was suffering from the day I received debit card. What happened to your team, if you states, replacement will be sent, please give me dispatch details, inspite of many excuses.
Please either close my account and start as new or give me the replacement card urgently.