My kyc is not upadted 3 days overed still not updated it

my kyc is not updated overed 3 days still not completed help me my money is stucked in your bank help me

Hey @Shaik_khalindar! Your account has been upgraded to full KYC. The transaction limits are Your should be to make the transactions. You can check the transaction limits under the Savings Account option from Menu in your NiyoX app.


Same issue my NiyoX account also :neutral_face:3 days completed still pending

Hey @UNNIKRISHNAN_A_K! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As checked with your email id (linked to the Niyo Community account), we have noticed that you haven’t yet completed the onboarding process. We kindly request you to complete it and then reach out to our in-app Live Chat Support for further help. If you’ve used any alternative email to create an account, please inbox us and we’ll have a look into it.


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