MY kyc didnt complete

Hey i recieved this email please help>

"Your KYC for PAN DTXXXXXX8M, raised by ALPHAFRONT FINSERV PVT LTD, has been put on HOLD .

You are requested to approach your Intermediary ALPHAFRONT FINSERV PVT LTD and ensure that the missing \ incomplete documentation towards this KYC is completed and submitted.

You can check your KYC details by visiting

This is an automated mail, kindly do not reply to this mail"

@prathamnawal pls help

Hey @ankurgiri! Thanks for your time over the call. :slightly_smiling_face:

We understand that you are trying to complete the KYC for your investments account and had received the above message from CVLKRA. Just drop us an email at sharing your details. Rest assured, we’ll have this checked on a priority basis.


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