My account opening was struck

I tried to create an account on 19th

July. I completed all the kyc requirements. Since then the app keeps on showing the following message.
“Processing your wealth account” .Check back in 5-7 business days. On top of that I keep in getting email daily from Niyo global to complete my account creation steps.
I don’t know what’s pending from my side.

Please help and check why the account creation is stuck.

Hello @Yash_27 ! A few of our users are facing this issue while onboarding for Niyo SBM. It has been highlighted to our team and they are working on it. Unfortunately, it’s taking a long time. We’ll reach out to you upon receiving an update. In the meantime, you may try NiyoX which offers a 0 forex mark-up for international transactions.-WB

Sir it’s already been 10days I don’t know why my account was not yet created although I had cleared everything why sir?