My account not open last 2 months sir same error account is Progress

Hey @Vakkaskhan!

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We regret the delay in creating your account. The issue is already highlighted to our team and we are working on fixing the bug at the earliest. The expected timeline to resolve this is by the end of this month, however, we are rigorously working on a fix to go live before that. Please stay tuned! LK

Hello Team,
My account hasnt been created since more than 15 days now. I need the card asap.
Please help.

Dear sir i am going to dubai Urgent card plz sove this bug fix

Hey @Shantanu_Lanke

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This is certainly not the experience we wanted to offer you. We understand this has taken longer than usual. Our team is working on top of it to make this available for you. Kindly allow us the window till the end of this month to fix the issue.

Ranjith M

Hello sir
Today is 1 July start new month but problam are still not fix this plz Send the problem in staff solve this Query

Still how many days it shows processing?, i hate this app it even took the adhar verification

The account still hasent been made, what are you doing there I don’t know.

Can you please atleast clear my details so that I can apply for one more time.