Mutual fund SIP payment isn't going through


I am unable to make a SIP payment because of the error mentioned in the screenshot. Could anyone quickly help here? Bit frustrating.

@akhilsethi It seems like you are trying to pay from an account in your UPI app which is different from the one which you would have selected on NiyoX app while proceeding for this payment.
Please select the same bank account in the UPI app and try again. Do let us know in case the issue persists.

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Got your point but it’s very frustrating. I was trying to pay my SIP from Google pay using another bank account but I think this particular feature mandates me to first transfer the money to Niyo(Equitas) savings account and then pay SIP using Google pay using Niyo(Equitas).

Is my understanding correct?

Also, are you guys planning to add another feature which enables the payment of SIPs directly from savings account money? I mean why is there an additional layer of UPI in between?

@akhilsethi your understanding is correct.

Regarding the feature to enable payment directly from your savings account, without need for UPI or NetBanking, development is already under way and you should be able to experience the same in just couple of weeks from now.

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