Mutual fund queries

a) I have an SIP coming up on 10th Sept. If I want to, how can I pay it now? how’s it possible?

b) what is the easiest way to pay SIPs? Last time few transactions got rejected. Check screenshot for reference. How do I avoid that?

c) what is the easiest way to move all my mutual fund investments to zerodha coin?

@Medhavi_Chandra @Pranav_Sehgal request you to please help with a response @Bansari @Rajat_Prajapati @Hemant_Tathod

Need the response as soon as possible :pray:t4:

Hi @akhilsethi, Apologies for delay in response.

a) For the SIP on 10th Sept, there are only two possibilities of making payments
- If you have already set up your Auto-Pay, then the SIP amount will be automatically deducted from your registered bank account on the day of SIP
- In case you do not have Auto-Pay set up, you will receive a payment link 72 hours prior to SIP date for making a manual payment

I have looked up your details, and since you have your Auto-Pay set up, the SIP amount will be automatically deducted from your a/c on 10th Sept.

b) Easiest way to pay for SIP is by using Auto-Pay itself, where in the amount gets automatically deducted from your bank a/c on day of SIP.

From the screenshot shared, it seems that the transactions have been rejected due to balance in your bank a/c being less than the SIP amount on the day SIP payment request would have been presented to bank.

These charges of ₹236 have been levied by the bank for rejection of transactions due to insufficient balance. Also to clarify, these charges are not levied by NiyoX and are charged by bank directly due to above mentioned reason and are agnostic of the platform from where you invest in mutual funds.

You can easily avoid them by ensuring that there are sufficient funds in your Equitas bank a/c on the day of SIP.

c) We would hate to see you go, pls let us know if we can help you with any other query.

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