Mutual fund NAV is not updating properly


NAV is not updating on timely manner. Still showing the NAV of September 10th.

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Hey Alan, I can see the latest NAV right now. Sometimes, we get the NAV slighter later than normal. Let me know if you are still facing an issue.

Hi @Savitri_B

most of the times NAV is 2 days behind in the Niyo Wealth. Today it is showing correctly because Saturday & Sunday was holiday.

Oh I will let my team know anyway to double check this.

Okay Savitri. Thanks!

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Hi @Alan_Abraham, the delay in NAV update was happening for International Funds because we used to update the NAV at 6 AM while International Funds update their NAVs by 10 AM.

We have made the necessary changes and the NAV update will now happen at 11 PM and again at 10 AM. So going forward there shouldn’t be any lag.

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