More investment offerings, more power to Niyo users, going beyond 007!


So we all know that we are on the roll and we recently launched a bunch of new features and offerings and few others are in the pipeline.

Ever thought of more investment options within the Niyo app itself?
We have Stocks & ETFs in store for you! 

Last few weeks, we have been working on a feature which allows you to open a trading and demat account and buy Stocks and ETFs listed on NSE/BSE. This feature has been built in partnership with 5paisa Capital Ltd, India’s first listed discount broker and currently it will be available only to users who already do not have an existing relationship with 5paisa.

We are looking for beta users who get early access to this feature and as we have always believed in building things which our users need, we would also like to have your valuable feedback after you try it out.

We will award Amazon Vouchers to top 5 Most valuable feedback

Like :+1:t2: this post before 12th September 2020, 8 PM to opt-in and we will mark you as a beta user for this feature.

Terms and Conditions
  • Users should have Niyo IDFC account

  • Niyo employees and 5paisa employees are not eligible

  • Like the post before 12th September 2020, 8 PM to get enrolled as a Beta user

P.S. I’m the product manager who has worked on this, and I invite everyone to play around and let us know what you think of this feature. Also, we would love to know any ideas or get any feedback you’d have around this feature.


Hi @Apoorv_Mittal,

First I wanna appreciate :clap: Niyo for planning to launch trading facility for customers.

I would like to know what will be the USP of niyo for this feature. As many other players (Eg: Groww, Upstox etc.) are offering same feature with zero demat opening fees, zero intra day trading fees, low delivery fees etc.

I am curious to know what Niyo have in their pipeline to bypass the competition.


  1. Ability to set Alert notifications for stock prices. So that user can act immediately when it is nearing to the set value.

  2. Dependable and credible Up / Down trend predictions.

  3. Quick refresh rates of stock prices.

All the best for this project! Looking forward to use it.


Welcoming the growing list of convenience and features of the account. Looking forward to the Beta and further details of the new offering.


Hi @Alan_Abraham

Thanks for the nice words and the feedback.

At this point, I would say very generic things among the USPs like transparency, simplicity, experience and security we are still working on all of these areas continuously.

Apart from above points, I would have to say that we are still in our research phase where we are trying to know more about our users and their needs. We are still trying to know things like:

  1. Are they low frequency value investors or are they high frequency traders?
  2. Are they also interested in complex trading segments like derivatives or is it just the delivery segments?
  3. Are they interested in secondary markets only or the primary markets as well?
  4. Many other similar attributes and persona of our user

Once, we have more clarity around these things, we would build whatever they need.

I am certain that the feedback from the beta users will count and really make a difference.



Thanks @pbafna for the nice words. Will give you access soon and hope you will like this offering.


Hi @Apoorv_Mittal,

All the best for your R&D for Niyo trading. Eagerly waiting for the trading experience with Niyo.

Hope Niyo will incorporate above mentioned features which I proposed.


Hi Apoorv,
Please count me in, I’d like to be a part of the beta team.


@Tousif27 make sure you have already liked the post. If yes, it’s done!

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That sounds great.
Since you have tied up with 5 paisa , would like to how much will be the demat account opening charges and AMC charges ?
Further will day trading be allowed or will it be delivery based only ?


one of the features that would really be a deal-maker for me is that if the app offers free suggestions about which stock to invest in over long duration or during intraday or in F&O. The suggestions can come up as push messages on the app. This way, the cost of sms won’t be there for Niyo while the value of suggestions will be immense for investors!


@goneo we have both delivery bases and intraday trading features.

For the details of charges, please refer to the below table:

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@ssrivastava thanks for the suggestions!

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Hi @Apoorv_Mittal,

Other platforms are offering free equity delivery, less charge for intra day and less AMC when compared to the charges you posted here.

Is this final price or Niyo will reduce it at the time of roll out in order to keep up with the competitors?

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@Alan_Abraham yes, we are exploring multiple things, both from pricing perspective and offering perspective. Thanks for the feedback.


Looking forward the pricing from Niyo, which can beat other players in the market.

I have given you access. You can access it from Investment toolkit

I have given you access. You can access it from Investment toolkit

@goneo your email id with community does not match with your Niyo IDFC account email id. Could you please message me privately your Niyo IDFC email id so that i can give you the access?

The beta users will be charged as per the “details of charges” that you had shared earlier or they will be charged less (esp on equity delivery ) as the features are not yet fully developed and the feedback from beta users will be helping Niyo in developing it.