Money Transfer and UPI Money Request

How to transfer money from IDFC Bank to other Bank accounts

One option is : I can use IDFC Bank App and transfer, I wanted to know the charges for amount transfers ? Mainly IMPS.

Regarding UPI Feature, UPI ID Created with mobilnumber.niyo@idfcbank, but how to use UPI transfers/requests using NIYO APP?

  • mobilnumber.niyo@idfcbank can be used to receive money only to Niyo IDFC account
    How to transfer & How to approve any requests come to this UPI ID?
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Hey Murali! You can transfer funds from your Niyo account to any other bank account. You can transfer funds using your Niyo App by following the below instructions:
Login to your Niyo account > Click “Transfers” > Tap on “Transfer Funds” > Select “Transfer to Bank Account” > Make the fund transfer. There is no charge involved with the transfer.

Regarding UPI feature, while initiating the transfer, the app will prompt you to choose from IMPS or UPI to send or request money. LK