Money not credited into Niyo account. It has been more than 19 hours

Money was sent to my Niyo account but has not been credited yet. I need this money quite quickly in order to make a limited time purchase. The support section on the Niyo app does not seem to work and the email support is not working fast enough for me. Please look into this issue and make sure the funds are credited as soon as possible. I can share the transaction details via DM if someone concerned with Niyo or DCB bank can help me here.

Thank you

Hey @Gautam_Hariharan!

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We have your details. Please allow us to check this and get back to you at the earliest. LK

Hi, thank you for the response. I am trying to find a way to DM you here but I cannot seem to find the option. Can you please help me out with this?

Edit: I see you have edited the message to say you already have my details. Please see to it that the problem is solved asap as I need the money quite urgently. Thank you.

That won’t be needed, Gautam. We’ve got your details from the ticket that you have raised with the team.

We checked with the reference number but couldn’t find any credits to your account associated with it. Please allow us some more time, we are doing a final check with the Bank and we will update you back soon. LK

Yes, that is exactly why I have raised the ticket–because the amount has not been credited and it has already been around 22 hours now. Please see that it can be fixed today itself or tomorrow before 6 PM IST at the earliest. I am in Germany right now, away from home in India and require the funds as soon as possible. Thank you.

We are on it, Gautam! Allow me to update you back. LK

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The funds have been processed to your account. Please check. Lk

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Yes, thank you so much! Now that the large amount has been processed, I would like to also have you check another transaction of a much smaller amount which was made at around the same time yesterday. I have not already given you the details for that transaction but please let me know how to give you those details and I shall.

Please reply to the same ticket and our team will take it up from there. LK

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I have just replied to the same ticket with the transaction number and the source bank. This transaction is not of the utmost urgency but would appreciate a quick resolution of the issue. Thank you for the help, I am very relieved now and satisfied that this was solved in very good time.

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