Money Debited Twice From Account

Hi @Bansari i am in canada and the niyo global sbm card is working just fine but yesterday I used tap and payed at Phillip Shawarma for 9.03 cad and the transaction showed declined,then I used the swipe and the transaction and the payment declined again but when I checked my account the money 9.03 cad has been debited twice on my card, pls help with the same, is this a technical issue or something else

FYI- 1st Transaction and 2nd Transaction



Hi @Shraey_Pokhriyal, Welcome to the Niyo Community! We regret the inconvenience. We’ve responded to you over through private message.

I have tried 3-4 times one online payment, it failed… I hope it is not deducted that many times.

Hey @Shraey_Pokhriyal! We’ve tried to connect with you to check if you’ve received the refund for the double debit that has happened. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get connected via call. It would be great if you can acknowledge for the same.