Mobile number update

Hi NiyoX team,

Recently I have updated my mobile number from the Equitas portal online and have completed the online video verification as well. My number also got updated on the equitas website but it’s showing my old mobile number in the NiyoX app. Please update it in your records as well.

Hi @shivamsahu welcome to Niyo Community! Currently, we’ll not be able to update the mobile number for your NiyoX app. Our team is working to get this feature added to the app. However, this may take some more time.

Hi @Deepak, sorry to hear that but i am currently unable to login to the niyoX app as it’s asking for the otp which is being sent to my older mobile number which is lost now. It would be better if the team would update my mobile number records from the equitas bank as soon a possible because there’s a serious dependency on the niyox and currently i am unable to login

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