Mobile Number Change with IDFC & Niyo

My account setup completed with VPA creation and UPI pin set.

I would like to know what happens if

  1. If I change my mobile number with IDFC Bank and still keep using old nubmber with Niyo login, Is Niyo checking with IDFC Bank regularly about any mobile number change by the account holder ?

  2. What do i need to know if i want to change Mobile number with Niyo as well?

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Hey Murali! Right now, Niyo does not have the ability to update your mobile number.The only way to update your number is through IDFC (via mobile net-banking, visiting a nearby branch).

Once you update your mobile number, you will not be able to access the app for now. It will take us some time to fix this for you. We will contact you when your account becomes accessible again.

In the meantime, you can start using IDFC’s Mobile app and Net banking service for different banking operations.

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Thank you @Niyo_Moderator