Mistake in name of account holder

Hi, I’m new to Niyo SBM. Recently I have created a SBM Global account. But the account holder name has my father’s name as first name. I like to change it. Since, my name is Jude Halleluyah R. And you have registered as RajeshKhannaa as my first name which is my Dad’s name I think it is mentioned in my passport as a surname. Could you please change my name it’s kind a bothering when my identity differs ( Name). Please respond as soon as possible. And tell me if there is any other way to rectify it?.

Hey @Jude_Halleluyah! Welcome to Niyo Community!

While onboarding for Niyo Global by SBM, your details will be fetched from NSDL. There might be a chance of a mismatch in the details in NSDL. We are sorry to inform you that currently, we cannot change/update the account holder’s name. However, we’ve duly noted your feedback and it will be forwarded to our product team to see if we can bring the facility in the future.


Thanks for the response sir. But I want my name on the niyo global card instead of account holder name. Is it possible? And if there an possibility of it. Kindly inform me about it. And if there is an update to change a name, could you remind me.


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