Missing instruments from NiyoMoney Goal

I would love to have a feature in Niyo Money -
Financial goals are not completely and solely managed within MF world. It needs “cash” share, FIXED Deposit component, corporate note component, stocks from another broker and many more.
NiyoMoney should allow adding such exisitng investments as a part of Goal. Even cash in saving account.

It would remove need for members to go to others portfolio monitoring tools from “valueresearch” or other good options.

Hi @paragb16 thanks for the feedback! We will definitely pass it on to the product team.

Hi @paragb16 - makes sense. How would you prioritise these though from most imp to least imp (since we may be able to take them up one by one only)?

When I said “cash” I meant money in saving account.

I feel Saving Account and FD could be just one thing for tracking. Just allow entry of amount and interest rate and date. Appears to be simple , so could be first one to go.

Stocks could be 2nd.


Thanks @paragb16! Will keep this in mind :slight_smile: