Mark-up charges or additional charges levied on transaction through PayPal

Today I did a transaction through PayPal for booking a train ticket in EUR currency. For this transaction (33.90 EUR) in addition to the currency exchange, an additional charge of 147.26 with prefix TCS was charged.

Can you please tell me about this additional charge?

@RAFI_MUHAMMED TCS charges of 5% are levied extra if in case you cross the foreign transaction limit of INR 7.5 lakhs in a year.

@RAFI_MUHAMMED It will be reversed in a couple of days if you haven’t spent more than 7.5 lac as foreign spent in the fin year.
Niyo DCB deducts this amount at the time of transaction and reverse the TCS if the total spent is within the limit.

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@iamadityamalik @goneo Thanks for your response. As you guys suggested, the refund has been processed and the additional charges has revised.