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Did Dcb bank onbording process is closed forever or it will get resumed again once product enhancement has been made what changes are bringing into dcb by global card sir…? And as for ive know current is more better conapre to normal savings account right so apart from Niyo global card dcb current account or sbm savings account which is netter and 1st transaction dcb global card is free unlike sbm global card for 1st time itself it charges 100 rs something right why same like dcb 1st time atm withdrawal free like that why same thing didnt keep sbm global card dear niyo❤️And also unlike dcb card provides extra spare card right if we losses the card same like that sbm global card provides spare card or not? And due to what reason dcb global card is nee stopped as of now what are they improving in dcb by global card can i know that briefly if niyo shares to us what all are the reson for paused issuing card by dcb global card and when beta version will come to as oroginal version still how much days or month takes to go from beta version thanks do reply ke detailly thanking you in advance niyo❤️And also tell me that dcb global card doesnt support upi transfers? By third party apps?

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I shall try to respond to all your queries as detailed as possible.

(1/5)Niyo DCB Global is undergoing product enhancements and by that we are trying to bring video KYC option from which you can onboard for the product anywhere pan India.

(2/5) You will have options to chose from Niyo Global by DCB for current account and Niyo Global by SBM for Savings account

(3/5) I believe your answer to difference between Niyo DCB and Niyo SBM is here: Beta Version - Niyo Global in partnership with SBM Bank India (State Bank of Mauritius)🌎 - #92 by Bansari

(4/5) Please be noted the backup card in Niyo Global comes with a charge of 200 + GST

(5/5) Beta Version of Niyo SBM will go live soon

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Mam actually normally current are the jest right so dcb by niyo glocal card is better than sbm or sbm is the best