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As recommended by a fellow Community member @coffeebytwo, we at Niyo have come up with an initiative that allows our users to contribute to NGOs trying to make a positive impact at the grass-root level. As individuals, we may not be able to make a huge impact, but together, we can make a considerable difference by helping out NGOs that have been relentlessly working towards providing care and support to those affected by the ongoing pandemic.

To make your contributions count towards the larger cause, here is some information about a few NGOs that might help you make an informed decision:

  • Hemkunt Foundation: Hemkunt Foundation is a non-government organisation that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. It continues to provide livelihoods, disaster relief, access to basic human rights and education to all. Read More
  • Shievani Upadhyay-Ketto: The Enrich Lives Foundation (formerly, the Annapurna Movement) is making sure the country’s poorest communities have access to food and groceries during unprecedented times. Access to the next meal has become a big question for them. Read More
  • Hospitals of India: Swasth Digital Health Foundation along with ACT Grants is looking to procure oxygen concentrators and channel them to hospitals across levels of care in remote areas for COVID response and to strengthen health systems for the long-term. Read More
  • Goonj: Goonj’s model is about shifting from a fragmented to an integrated systems model. It’s nudging for a cultural leap that our society needs to take – through framing and understanding the relationships between cities and villages in an integrated way. The model creates a whole system of mutually beneficial relationships from cities to villages. Read More
  • Feeding India by Zomato is a not for profit organization, designing interventions to reduce hunger among underserved communities in India. Read More

While we are working out the final details to provide a donate option in the NiyoX app, we hope this information will help you pick your preferred NGO.

Participate in the poll below and let us know which NGO you would prefer to donate to:

Tell us which NGO you would like to donate to
  • Hemkunt Foundation
  • Shievani Upadhyay-Ketto
  • Hospitals of India
  • Goonj
  • Feeding India

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