Major onboarding issues and poor customer support

Dear Team,

My account was created on 20th Aug and my biometrics was collected by Niyo on 21/08/2020. My Account number is 10058718996 and customer ID is 5548356152. My registered phone number is linked to my account.

I have the following issues:

  1. I am not able to access my virtual debit card since the beginning. When I raised this with the support team, I got the following response: “Regarding your Virtual Debit Card, you should get it once the account will be created. Post account creation after 24 hrs you can activate the Virtual Card“
    This response makes no sense to me. I could not reach any agent On the number 18602586496 as well.
    Request for some clarification on the issue what does account creation mean? Isn’t my account already created?

  2. I have not received any response on the whatsapp chat since the beginning.

After a month of continuous follow ups I was issued the ticket number 762969 for my physical debit card.

If this issue is so complicated, I would like to close my account asap. Please let me know whether this issue will be resolved on priority or should I proceed with account closure.

I am left with no option but to highlight this issue to a wider audience in the hope that some resolution may be reached soon.

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Hey there! Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Usually, the virtual card should be created after 24 hours from the time of the account creation and in this case, we would require an error screenshot of the exact issue you are facing so that we can get to the roots of the issue & nail it. Kindly respond with the error screenshot on ticket ID: 762969.

We are trying our best in dispatching the debit card & will notify you with a tracking ID once the card moves to transit. Please bear with us!

Hi Surya, Finally a logical answer from the Niyo team after nearly a month. I have just shared the screenshots to your support email on my original thread, with subject line “Ticket : 762969”.
Thank You.

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