#LoveMoney💖 > What's your relationship type with money?

We all #LoveMoney but treat it differently, like we do with all our relationships. Read on and discover your relationship with Money.
Don’t forget to tell us which type you are in the end, and we’ll be your #RelationshipGuru in the coming days! :blush:

A Stable Relationship :balance_scale:
Are you someone who likes to manage money carefully? Do you plan your expenses ahead of time? You save as much as you spend and feel safe about your future. Sometimes you compromise, sometimes you don’t, but you always find a balance in your relationship with money. It’s not all hearts and roses, it’s cheques and balances too!

Friends With Benefits :couplekiss_man_woman:
Are you of a “you only live once” mindset? Do you think life’s too short to plan all your expenses? You think we earn money just so that we can spend it. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. All earn and no spend makes us a dull clan. We’re just here to have fun, aren’t we?

Dating Money :dancer:
Are you dating money? Are you always excited to explore different ways of investing? We all look for that perfect match while investing our money. Don’t be apologetic for wanting to try more options; your perfect match is still out there! Have fun exploring until you find something that catches your fancy.

Married to Money :ring:
You look for happiness and long-lasting stability in the little details. You appreciate the money you have and pay attention to how you handle and treat it. There are tussles every now and then, but you are incomplete without your partner. Since you can’t imagine life without it, you don’t take it for granted.

Toxic :radioactive:
Money takes you places and gets you things you want. You spend more to get more stuff. You know you shouldn’t but nothing makes you feel as good, even though you know you’ll hate yourself later. The more you get, the quicker you spend. Still, it’s never enough. You can’t help but ask your friends to lend you some, and it grows like a weed to sully your ties.

So what’s your type?
  • In a stable relationship
  • We’re friends with benefits
  • I’m dating money
  • I’m married to money
  • It’s toxic

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