Looking to travel abroad in 2021? My recommendation as a fellow globe trotter!

Hi All,

First up, apologies for the delay in public launch of the new Niyo Global Card.

We assure you that we are working hard to resolve all bugs and requirements identified to bring an amazing finished product to you. We promise it would worth the wait and you would be able to get a fantastic product for your international travels very soon.

We have been getting a lot of requests to fast-track the same as you plan your travels abroad and we are trying our level best to do that.

Meanwhile, we have gone ahead and upgraded our NiyoX product to have a ZERO Forex Debit Card as part of the offering to new and existing customers. This means that the exchange rate on using NiyoX card and Niyo Global card is now the same - which is ZERO :)).

I have travelled abroad extensively in August-21 with the new Niyo Global Card (beta version) and had NiyoX card as a backup. Glad to report that while both cards worked like a charm, it also gave a lot of peace of mind having 2 equally powerful products in your wallet specially for a long trip abroad.

So here is my recommendation for all of you planning to travel abroad soon - go for the new Niyo Global Card which is in beta and is our best suited product for travel but also take NiyoX as a backup which may lack some in-app travel features but would give you the same value proposition in terms of - Zero Forex Charge besides being an insurance in case you end up losing one of the cards to theft etc.

We are trying our best here everyday to make your banking convenient and less costlier. We thank you for continued support and patronage.


I recieved my card today,
Delhivery sucks…they took 10 days to deliver.
and that Blue Passport cover is not there. Missing. : (


Hi @Ashish_Sinojia ,

It ideally takes 7 to 10 business days for the card to get delivered. Having said that passport cover was for early users.



How did you receive the card. I tried via app and couldn’t create my account successfully. Could you please guide me the procedure to avail the card.

Or any agent contact. I stay in Bangalore right now

Hai mam,

I have been trying to get a Niyo global card. Had applied via app and download niyo global beta version app to sign in and see. my account couldn’t get create because of kyc conditions couldn’t meet. Not really sure whats wrong.

Please do help me how I can order this card. If any agent contact number please do share.

I’m staying currently in Bangalore!
Appreciate your help because this is bit urgent which I wanted to get it done before I leave to France.

Thank you!


I had received my card on 13th of August, the card hasn’t been working since it arrived. After multiple queries and mailing I was assured the same card would have been working. But sadly it didn’t. I understand that the product is in beta version but I think the visa physical card is not.
I was told that the card needs to be replaced and did all the form filling multiple times. Its been close to 20 days since I was told my card would be delivered.
So I am not sure how amazing the card is. So as an user my suggestion would be to check the card multiple times before your trip. I believe once the card is functioning it is advertised to be good, but still awaiting to experience that.

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A feature suggestion, give the user the option to receive the otp on email as well. People while travelling may or may not have access to their primary Sim and maynot receive otp.
If the otp is in mail as well, they would easily access and use the same

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Hey @Bauddheya_Baliarsing ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community.

We’re happy to inform you that OTP on email is now live. You will receive all OTPs on registered email address for ECOM based transactions.

Happy :niyo_community: Banking,