Limits on UPI Transfer?

I am unable to transfer more than Rs 25000 per transaction from the UPI ID linked to my Niyo IDFC Savings account. I am not able to find any place where this is documented or a way to change these limits.

Any idea who is setting these limits and how do I change them?

IDFC itself has no limits apart from the standard 1 lac/day limit.

Hi Pratik,

We had put the limit of 25k per transaction to prevent potential losses. I am sorry we are not in a position to change that as of now.

For higher payments pls do use card or FT, we have a very cool copy & paste feature in FT to help you add beneficiary very quickly.


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Thanks for the reply @Vinay_Bagri !

The 25K limit on UPI makes it inconvenient to use Niyo as a primary bank account for transactions like Credit Card bill payments and setting up SIPs.

Ok, I understand. Let me discuss with partner bank and find some solution. Regards

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