Kyc work not done till now

My KYC was scheduled with Ecomexpress multiple times and yet no one has contacted me till dtae.

Every day I get message from Ecomexpress saying KYC will be done today, yet no one contacted me. They said they don’t do kyc work here

Hi @Himanshu_Ingulkar

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we sincerely regret the hassle. That's absolutely not the kind of experience we want our valued customers to have. We have escalated the issue to our team. Rest assured! your KYC will be completed at the earliest!


A guy from Ecom Express told me that they don’t have fingerprint scanner and they don’t do kyc work here. What kind of service is this from your side , I am afraid to say I am thinking about closing the account in your bank. Please if possible do avail me a online kyc service.
Update:- Today also I got the same message

Kindly someone solve my problem asap.

Hi @Himanshu_Ingulkar

We understand that our team has connected with you to reschedule your kYC verification. Rest assured! we will ensure your verification is completed by tomorrow.


Finally KYC is Done successfully. Cheers :+1::raised_hands::grinning:

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