KYC Schedule for NIYO IDFC

Hi @Lucky,

My KYC failed for the Niyo IDFC and at the same time NiyoX Equitas KYC is successful with the same agent. Could you please arrange a KYC for Niyo IDFC account.

Hey Riju! We regret the inconvenience. We are having this checked and will schedule biometric verification for your Niyo IDFC account as well. We shall keep you informed on this. LK

Hey Riju! As we checked with the team, we identified that we are facing some issue related to your Aadhar while trying to complete the Biometrics for your Niyo IDFC FIRST account. You can visit your nearest IDFC FIRST branch and get it done. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused to you. LK

Hi @Lucky,

Initially, the biometrics failed for both Niyo IDFC and NiyoX Equitas but later NiyoX Equitas KYC completed successfully. Could you please try once again for Niyo IDFC as the KYC is success during the second attempt for the NoyoX Equitas.

Yes Riju, we are aware. We did try exploring other options for you to get the doorstep Biometrics done for your Niyo IDFC FIRST account, but we are really sorry to inform you that you will need to visit the branch only to complete it. LK

May I know why is it so when I was able to complete NiyoX Equitas KYC successfully in the second attempt.

Hi Riju,

Banks may have different respective KYC protocol & hence we are not able to help you with you KYC for IDFC account. Request you to get it done at your nearest branch. Regret inconvenience .