KYC on hold for Niyo Money

Unable to activate niyo money, showing KYC on hold, but biometric KYC done.

Message showing-
We’d request you to contact the intermediary through which you have submitted the application or the KYC Registration Agency directly to get this application registered.

How may I contact them? Is it possible?What to do?

Hi Ankinchan,

Biometric KYC for savings account (done by RBI) is different from the KYC required for investments (done by SEBI).

From what I can check, the investments KYC for your PAN is currently on hold because some documents are missing. You can check the investment KYC status here by clicking on KYC Inquiry and entering your PAN.

Looks like you had tried getting your investments KYC registered in 2019 through some intermediary (probably an investment platform) and they gave incomplete documents. Hence your KYC was put on hold. Unfortunately we will not be able to modify or re-register your KYC since it was earlier done by another platform.

If you can remember which investment platform you had signed up for, you can reach out to them and get this rectified. Once that’s done, you can try completing your registration on NiyoX and it’ll allow you to proceed.

Regret the hassle involved. Hope this helps.

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