KYC not completed yet

Till now my KYC is not completed…
After Initial registration, I sheduled KYC visit on next day, no one had visited me… customer care agent from niyox called and told me to reschedule visit.So I rescheduled it …next EcomExpress agent called me and came to my adress… He tried to complete KYC and he couldn’t complete…, after entering the OTP he couldn’t press the proceed button and told me that it was a technical glitch from niyox side… I rescheduled visit after 2 days… again EcomExpress agent called and asked the OTP… he told the glitch still not resolved… After 2 days repeated the same but no sms, no calls were recieved. I rescheduled it for next 2 days…but no response… On next day I got a message from niyox that I have exhausted number of visiting scheduled, please contact customer care. Then I raised a ticket… Customer care agent from niyox called me and booked a KYC appointment for next Monday …no one contacted or came to my address …Then I raised another ticket, happened the same… expect Thursday. Again another ticket was raised by me … agent called and rescheduled for Friday… nothing happened…Now I am a little bit frustrated… Please do needful…

Due to this pandemic situation, it is very convenient if video KYC is introduced…

Hi Jeffin,
We apologize for the delay and will see to it that your KYC is completed soon.- TV

Hey Jeffin, we are so sorry for the hasse. Please help us with your registered number through the inbox message so that we can further check on this. SR

This issue didn’t get resolved… It is repeating from time to time. That is customer care agent calls me and took an appointment for KYC. Nothing is happening on the scheduled date. Rescheduling… Can’t complete it… Rescheduling… Going on…Still NO SOLUTION.
This is not because of my fault.
Where should I complain?..:rage: