KYC not completed Ecomexpress

My KYC was scheduled with Ecomexpress multiple times and yet no one has contacted me till dtae.

Every day I get message from Ecomexpress saying KYC will be done today, yet no one contacted me. Tracking on their website show “Addressee requested to reschedule pickup” when they have not even contacted me.

Tried contacting ecomexpress customer support and no response.

Another AWB has been generated and started getting daily messages from ecomexpress and yet no one has contacted me.

Dear Tharun Jacob Ge, We tried but could NOT complete the KYC on behalf of NIYO. Please contact us @ 08376888888 - Ecom Express

The call get redirected to customer care and they say the agent will try again tomorrow.

Resolved. KYC was completed today

same here bro. exact same issue. Ecomexpress wrongly updated in system that customer didn’t pick the call so kyc cancel without agent visit to our adress.

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