KYC completion not reflecting in Niyox app

I completed my Video KYC through Equitas Internet Banking(as V-KYC was not available in the Niyox app at that time) on 23rd Feb 22 with SR Number 2202230305580990. But in the Niyox app, I still get a pop-up to complete the KYC every single time I open the app.
Please fix the bug.

Hey @Shubham_Dev! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

We always recommend completing the KYC formalities through Niyo. If you’ve completed the video KYC with Equitas Small Finance Bank and have received confirmation for the same, the KYC status in the NiyoX app does not get updated. However, we have duly noted this and feedback will be shared with our team for further app enhancements.


Then should I complete my KYC from the Niyox app again? I want to get rid of the constant reminders for KYC.

@Shubham_Dev An account can be upgraded to a full KYC only once. As you’ve already completed the KYC through the bank, you may not be able to do it again through the NiyoX app. However, we’ll notify our team about the in-app notification. But it will take a longer time to fix it. We kindly request you to bear with us until then. Inconvenience regretted. :confused:


Hey @Shubham_Dev! I’ve tried to reach out to you on your registered mobile number. Unfortunately, the calls went answered. Can you please refresh your app and check whether the pending notification is wiped off?

Yes the “KYC pending” notification is gone but I didn’t order the physical debit card then why it is showing “arriving before 29 April” . How can Niyox order it without my consent ?? This is really wrong.

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