Keep an eye out for these #BankingFrauds


With the rise in digital payments, safeguarding of credentials becomes important, and considering the same, it’s best to follow precautions to protect card/account from fraud because safety matters.

  1. Always use unique/difficult to guess PIN/password for Card and Niyo banking apps. Change the same at regular intervals and do not share with anyone.

  2. Be vigilant and always remember that UPI PIN is not required for receiving money. Never scan a QR code or enter UPI PIN on any SMS or link for receiving cashback/reward/refund etc.

  3. While at ATMs, be aware about suspected objects/devices on card slot or PIN pad. If you suspect anything, don’t use your card & inform the bank. Stay cautious and secure your ATM PIN by shielding the same with your hand while you input PIN on the ATM keypad.

  4. Don’t respond and never share your confidential credentials to any unsolicited lucrative offers sounding ‘too good to be true’ received through SMS, email & social media.

  5. Be vigilant, and in case you don’t have network on your mobile and have not received call or SMS for a substantial time, get in touch with the service provider. Always check alert notifications received from your bank on your registered Email ID and mobile.

Stay internet safe,