Issues while doing online transactions using Niyo IDFC Debit Card

I am facing issues when doing online transactions with my card. It says that I have extended my daily limits, though I haven’t. (NOTE: Limits in IDFC and NIYO are maxed at 500,000 INR.) Yet, I am able to do transactions online using UPI, but not using My Debit card.

Anyone, to help?

Thanks for your time if you’re reading this.

I can help you if you’re getting an sms message from IDFC saying “sorry you have exceeded daily purchase limit” or something to that effect.

Go to the app, tap card limits, tap edit on both atm and spending limits, and where you see a “0”, increase it and save.

Then try spending online.

This issue is because the developers have kept the default transaction limit at “0”

I don’t work for niyo. Just a community member.



Ohh yes, Thank you.

Actually, those were already set to 500,000 but as I didn’t notice that I have to also add some amount on international spending.

++ If anyone faces the same issue, this will solve.

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