Issu with account opening

Dear Niyo Global Team
My Name is Mohammad Abrar Nizami My Customer id with partner bank SBM India is R007003855.
I open Niyo Global account Last week still my status is showing pending. I want know about my account creation process where stuck any why my account is still pending?
My ticket number 1332706.
Please help and support me.

Hi @manizami7275, Welcome to our community! This is to keep you informed that we are still working on fixing the bug. The expected TAT to resolve this is by the end of this month, however, we are pushing hard to ensure that we are able to apply the patch at the earliest. We thank you for your continued patience.

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Please open my account as soon as possible because I am going to abroad next weak

Hey @manizami7275! Your Niyo Global by SBM account has been created successfully. We believe that you were able to access it through the Niyo Global by SBM app. For any help, reach out to our Live Chat Support through the app and we are happy to assist you. We once again thank you for your patience and for allowing us to serve you.


I am waiting a month but you don’t open my account

Hi Abhishek, Inconvenience regretted! This has been highlighted to our team and they are working on it. For a few users, it’s taking a slightly longer time and we kindly request you to please wait. Once the issue gets resolved, your account will be created and you’ll be able to access it by logging in to the app.