Is this true now?

Can some of you verify this? Mr Abhilash said that my account will be created this month “Rest Assured”.

Hey @guptapriyanshu! We will not be able to onboard you as of now. There seems to be a miscommunication here. We will notify our team about the onboarding issue due to which we couldn’t onboard you for Niyo SBM.


What’s this game are you guys playing with me. Mr. Abhishek assured me for one week, then you denied. Your manager asked to check in detail and get back to me ASAP. then one customer support says my account will be created within this month and again you deny. Am I a fool or what?

Niyo Global defined in one msg


I want you guys to arrange a call back today. I was promised for a callback previous time over chat which didn’t happen. I want you to arrange a callback today

Hello @guptapriyanshu ! We get your point here! However, please note that our system is unable to fetch any of your details due to which we couldn’t onboard you for Niyo SBM. Kindly accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.-WB

What is worse than not getting solution? It’s not getting a response or a callback after the promises. That too from a brand like niyo.

Do you even care that you made many false promises to this costumer. Recent two are :

  1. Your account will be created by the end of the month.
  2. You’ll get a callback by the evening ( many days ago )

Both are just words. For the reference let me put one for you -

I don’t know if they will approve this post but You may use FiMoney instead. I have facts -

  1. Niyo Global - account nhi khulega, mera khud 1 mahine se same issue hai.
  2. NiyoX - limit kaafi Kam hai ek transaction ki. 1 lakh nikalne k liye 5 bar use karna padega to 5 times charges jyada lagenge .
  3. Niyo DCB - khol hi nahi rhe abhi.

FiMoney - backed with Federal Bank and technically too strong.

Dear Wasim, will you answer these questions - ( I hope you do each of them )

  1. Whose fault is this ? Why was I asked to be assured about niyo Global account continuously?
  2. After whole scenario, a support staff from Niyo assured me about my account opening till 1st August. That kept me waiting. What justification do you have ?
  3. I was asked that a callback have been arranged but i have not received any call as of now after so many days.
  4. Your senior manager assured me a deep quality check over all of this. He didn’t revert back. Why so?

I know you won’t be answering apart from “our system isn’t able to fetch the info” then just set your system on fire. Because it’s keeping you and me both in trouble. Let’s see what excuses you have now.

PS : For sure, I won’t be keeping quiet now. Just waiting your senior manager to revert back or the deadline to be over.

They are moving all of my questions in one thread so that less number of people see it. I’ll make sure to bring this fraud in front of everyone. They tried their best to sell their Niyo Global and advertised like it’s the best. When their poor faulty system was unable to handle the request, they tried to sell me NiyoX and Niyo DCB ( which does not even work currently for new users ). And now the live chat is stopped , they’re not calling back. They’re moving the chats to one thread only. Not replying to my mails too. Guys it’s my request don’t waste your time in this worst product and find better alternative. If you don’t believe me, go and check the community page. It’s full of complaints.

I have reached to live chat that is not answering. Your mail is not reverting back. Your senior manager asked to call back after 10 which is completing tomorrow. Your support clearly assured me for today that my account will be created within July month. “rest assured”

Schedule a callback ASAP. My flight has been postponed for a Month now

Hi @guptapriyanshu, you’ve got us there, sir! Please be aware, though, that we were unable to onboard you for Niyo SBM since our system was unable to retrieve any of your details. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please accept our apology.

Still unanswered. I was assured for the creation of my account. If this was false now, I need to use the consumer rights against false promises.

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This is to politely request a callback. I’m being very much straight forward, CALL ME. I WANT NO TEXT ASSURANCE. I WANT A CALLBACK