Is the new niyox debit card able to withdraw money in Malaysia? Which bank atm to withdraw for cheapest rates

Hi I am travelling to Malaysian next week and I have the new debit card by niyoX. I just want to understand if I can use this debit card in Malaysia to withdraw money from ATM’s. if so, which bank ATMs to use for lowest conversion fees as I believe this will vary by atm (even if it’s on visa network, right?)

Hey @kushalkothari! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, you can use your NiyoX debit card for your international transactions (POS, Ecom and ATM withdrawals).

If you are using the latest debit card (which has a Tap & Pay feature), international transactions will be processed based on the live visa exchange rate. You should be able to view the exchange rate in your NiyoX app > Menu > Tools > Currency Converter.

For international ATM withdrawals, you will be charged Rs.110+GST (from Equitas Small Finance Bank) in addition to the charges by the international bank (whose ATM you are using).

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