Is Niyo Spending abroad under LRS?

I was wondering if the spending in Niyo card abroad is counted under LRS (Liberalized Remittance Scheme) or as normal spending (like we do from our regular credit/debit card)? If its under LRS, how does it manage and segregate the spends made locally?

Please clarify. It will help us file our Tax info more clearly and correctly.

Any expert opinion on this?

Basically, the kind of spends that are done on the NiYo card are not at the range where we need to consider LRS.

NiYo has some in-built limits for this, you cannot spend more than 10 lacs per month on your card.

As of now, there is no provision to segregate spends as per my knowledge.

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What if I have other spends that are near $250000 (LRS range). Should I count my Niyo spends in my LRS spends or outside of my LRS spends?

Well, LRS is counted against your PAN. So yes.

In such cases, using a corporate card might be better, but forex charges might have to be borne, I don’t think NiYo offers corporate cards yet.

I’m curious to know what you spend that much on. :slight_smile:

I have researched and there are a few debit/credit cards which can act as replacement to Niyo Global. I have written about them in the community.

My spends are related to business but mostly in foreign currency. So going through bank paperwork is not fun. And normal cards charge 5% total.

Hi @Tejas_Chaudhary ! Its not Niyo but the Bank IDFC & DCB(Partner Banks) which comes under this regulation of RBI. The LRS limits is $2,50,000 for every financial year per customer across bank accounts. The above information is also available on RBI website.

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Agreed. But Niyo is the interface, so we ought to get clarifications from Niyo.