Inward Wire Transfer in my NiyoX account

Hi Team NiyoX,

I am using full kyc NiyoX savings account i.e. Equitas Small Finance Bank.

My friend wants to transfer some amount from USA to my NiYoX account via WIRE TRANSFER.

I would like to know the following details -

  1. Does Equitas Bank accept USD?

  2. What’s the exact name of the bank - “Equitas Bank” or “Equitas Small Finance Bank”?

  3. What’s its SWIFT Code?

I am attaching an image for your convenience, kindly share the details what should I fill in thise columns.

Hey @iamraj02!

Yes, we do allow international inward remittances, for a full KYC account. The remitter should specify the following details in the wire transfer request:

a. Beneficiary Bank Name – Indusind Bank.

b. Beneficiary Bank Swift Code – INDBINBBGRD.

c. Purpose field should specify as “Towards family maintenance and savings (or) Personal gifts (or) Compensation of employees/ Salary”; Equitas Bank account # & IFSC."


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