Introducing the NiyoX Tap and Pay, ZERO Forex Markup VISA Platinum Card!🤩

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Actually the platinum doesn’t come from equitas bank or niyo. It comes from Visa which provides the platform for transactions to go through. Visa has platinum, signature, infinite variants of cards and infinite>signature>platinum in terms of premiumness. Mastercard has world, elite etc. Banks use this platform name as part of their card name for advertising the platform, like axis ace signature credit card, indusind exclusive signature debit card etc.
Coming to the build quality, I have experienced the same for niyo sbm card but that’s not the case with the niyo x debit card.


What is the different between Niyo SBM Card and NiyoX card. I have Niyo SBM, How to apply for NiyoX?
I am going to use this card in Canada.

For International ATM, Maximum How much amount should i withdraw at once or per day?

Is there any transcation limit per year?
As i have to pay 15 lakh fees for my 2nd year of university education. So, When i will reach Canada, I am thinking to withdraw this much amount in CAD $.

Hello @Ashish_Sinojia
Similar thread for the difference between the 2 cards - NiyoX Debit card vs Niyo Global card
Application procedure is same as Niyo global except for the KYC process. It has changed I guess.
I’m not 100% sure of the limits though.
Here is a thread on limits - Niyo SBM International Money Transfer - #18 by L_S.
The relevant portion of it is attached.

What are the charges when I use NiyoX VISA Platinum Debit Card from the US? Will there be any conversation charges or is it the same as NIYO global card by DCB?

@theone1one it’s same as Niyo DCB….
100+GST on withdrawal….and currency conversion charges are dropped….there might be forex adjustment charged on the day of the transaction settlement

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what is forex adjustment charged? NIYO DCB too charge this?

Forex adjustment is applied on transactions abroad as it takes 7-8 days for the transaction to go through and so even though you pay with the currency rate on the day of transaction….the payment is settled later…hence,the difference in currency rate on the day the transaction is settled is calculated and deducted from your account

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What are the requirements for waiving of annual card fees? or else i will have to close my account because Fi and jupiter provides card without annual charges

My question is if I use my NiyoX card in some other country let say usa then what all charges we need to pay for 100INR transaction for example.

Considering zero forex charges. How much would be VISA conversion rate ?

@Siddharth_Goel Considering zero forex charges. How much would be VISA exchange rate ?

You will be charged ₹100/ATM transaction
The 3.5% forex charges are dropped
Besides that forex adjustment may be charged a couple days later when the transaction is settled if needed
Visa exchange rates are the live rate for the currency that’s levied by Visa for that day

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Hello, the new niyox platinum debit card ZERO FOREX markup feature require 5000 rupees to be present in the Niyox equitas bank account as an Amb for its activation and working ??

@Bansari kindly check this query


  1. the new niyox TAP AND PAY platinum debit card ZERO FOREX markup feature requires 5000 rupees to be present in the Niyox Equitas bank account as an Amb for its activation of the zero forex markup feature and working ??

  2. for old users, if they block their existing cars and request for the new niyo x tap and pay visa platinum card - is it still issued with the zero forex markup facility?

kindly reply at your earliest.

5000 rupees is needed to be maintained for any month of that year to activate the zero forex feature for the said year

Whilst if you have the old card and order the tap to pay card you will get the zero forex feature on it as well regardless

Hey @smvofficial! Good morning :slightly_smiling_face: Let me try to answer your queries in pointers.

  1. Under the promotional offer, the new debit card which has the Tap & Pay facility, can be used for international transactions at 0 forex mark-up charges until March 31st, 2022. Thereafter, it may require maintaining a minimum balance of 5000 INR to have 0 forex mark-up charges. More details will be shared at the earliest.

  2. Yes, if the old user blocks the card and places a request for the new card, an upgraded card will be sent to the user which has Tap & Pay facility and has zero forex markup facility.


Hello thanks for the quick reply, so if the old user applies for the new tap n pay card - is there a card issuance fee now?

@smvofficial you may check our previous post here: Introducing the NiyoX Tap and Pay, ZERO Forex Markup VISA Platinum Card!🤩