Introducing the NiyoX Tap and Pay, ZERO Forex Markup VISA Platinum Card!🤩

Hey Shekhar
have you got any solution for mobikwik issue yet?
I am facing same with brand new card

  • Vikas

Hello @vkey
No, I raised a ticket and they closed it by just saying that I am able to transact on paytm, Amazon etc but I can’t use it on Mobikwik for paying my credit card bill since the card is itself reflected as a credit card :joy::roll_eyes:
Can you please check this and get this rectified? Why the debit card is reflected as a credit card? Is it an issue with some of the card numbers or some card designs have special numbering used for them?
Other users are also facing the issue.

@shikharmakkar Oh lmao :smiley: I have raised a ticket with Mobikwik , Customer care executive said wait for 24 hour our technical team will contact you.

They are now moderating my replies, I replied last night and they haven’t approved it yet.

It is not a mobikwik issue. The card is reflected as a credit card on paytm as well. This has to do with the card number/series allocated. The previous card I had, without this tap and pay functionality, it worked fine and was reflected as a debit card.
@Bansari @ashrithjain
Would you please care to respond here? Everytime, there is an issue, you people turn a deaf ear. We customers have to face the brunt of such issues - wallets charge extra for credit card payments and the niyo x card reflects as one while it should reflect as a debit card.

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Hey @shikharmakkar ! We’re looking into it, meanwhile, please allow us sometime.

You have been looking into it for so long, I don’t know why it is taking this much time. I even opened a ticket and it was closed citing the reason that I am able to transact :man_facepalming:
It still reflects as a credit card on mobikwik and if I do any transaction, I have to pay 2% + GST extra while it should be 0 since it is supposed to be a debit card.
FYI, the ticket number is 1023568 and it was closed simply because I can transact but as a credit card after paying those extra charges :unamused:.

Hey @shikharmakkar ! We’re really sorry for the hiccup you had to experience here. Not to worry, I’ll get it checked and get back to you. I’ve DM’ed you here in our community :email:

I have card without tap and pay can I get tap and pay card as a replacement for my current card. @ashrithjain

Hello @Irshad_Ali , You may upgrade to the all new NiyoX Platinum ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit Card for free. Stay noted that you also get to enjoy Zero Forex Markup until 31st December 2021. If you’d like to enjoy the same post 31st Dec 2021, kindly make sure to have a MAB of INR 5,000 in any one month in a calendar year.


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Hi @ashrithjain I am facing the same issue with all wallets, Please do the needful and resolve this.

Hey @vkey ! As @shikharmakkar has already pointed it out, we’re currently investigating the issue as to why it’s happening. We’ll keep you posted. Appreciate your patience :person_in_lotus_position:



Hey @Irshad_Ali ! Yes, you may go ahead and upgrade to the all new card, it’s completely free whatsoever.

@ashrithjain when is the last date to get it free of charge

Hey @Irshad_Ali ! There’s no last date to upgrade to the new card.

hello @vkey @ashrithjain
avleen kaur from equitas bank called me and she simply said that it has nothing to do with equitas. she also told me that no other customer has reported the same. so, it would be good if you can also raise a concern because i am not the only one facing this issue.


Ok let me contact equitas bank too.

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I had a chat with NiyoX customer support, the staff told me that you can upgrade the card for free till 31st March 2022. Maybe after the prescribed date it will be chargeable who knows.
But as few customers have mentioned they are facing some issues better to wait once it’s resolved then order for the new card.

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Just received my Niyo platinum card. I have card of sbi visa platinum also, having same fees.
Niyo card has the worst build quality I have ever seen in a debit card which says “Platinum”

Even a visiting card has more strength than this card. Doesn’t even deserve place in “Aluminium” category build quality wise