Introducing the NiyoX Tap and Pay, ZERO Forex Markup VISA Platinum Card!🤩

Hey everyone,

So far we’ve brought you a zero balance savings account with zero commission on mutual funds, and industry-best 7% interest P.A.* on savings and many more path-breaking features on NiyoX that you’ve come to love.

But, we know that you #WantMore, so we’ve got something exclusively for you!

Introducing the Upgraded NiyoX VISA Platinum Debit Card

This is NOT your average debit card, here’s why:

  1. We’ve added Niyo’s famous ZERO Forex Markup* feature to NiyoX, so you can spend abroad seamlessly and make purchases on international sites right here from India!

  2. This new card is Tap and Pay** enabled for contactless payments. Now, you can say goodbye👋 to punching in the PIN at checkout each time.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new card designs with high-quality printing (duotone with silver hologram) and sleek packaging.


We know you can’t wait to get your hands on this card and also have a flurry of questions on your mind about your existing card. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Did you wonder?

What does zero forex markup mean?

Forex markup is a fee usually (up to 3%) charged by a bank on the total amount of an international transaction. Your new VISA Platinum Debit Card comes with Zero forex markup* till 31 Dec 2021. It means that NiyoX does not charge this fee and only the VISA exchange rate will apply to your transaction amount.

You can continue to enjoy these perks further for an entire year by maintaining an average monthly balance (AMB) of 5K or above in any calendar month.

I’m an existing NiyoX user. How do I order the new card?

It’s super quick and easy to order the new card. Just follow these steps:

  1. Update your NiyoX app
  2. Go to Card Settings
  3. Tap on Block
  4. Click Re-order
  5. Pick a Card design and Name on the card and get your new card delivered

What happens to my existing card?

You will have to block your existing card before ordering the new one. Please note: You won’t be able to access your card (physical and digital) from the time you block it until you activate the new card.

Are there any charges to get the new card?

For all you wonderful folks who are already using NiyoX, re-ordering to get the new card is absolutely FREE!
Please note that an annual fee of ₹150 + GST applies from the second year.

How much time will it take for the new card delivery?

You can expect your card to arrive within 15 business days of placing an order, if not sooner. All good things take time, we promise it is worth the wait!

Thank you once again for choosing NiyoX.

Team Niyo

*VISA exchange rates applicable
**Per transaction limit of INR 5K applies

We were told that there will be options to have annual fees of the debit card waived off… Is it in pipeline ?

Hey can you please specify the courier partner for this card delivery?

You’re doing great, but why are you not launching niyox for existing equitas customer?
I’m waiting since niyox launching, atleast provide me an estimate date/time or any update reading existing customers.

Hi @imashish,

We are eager to get you onboarded, we ensure you we are working on the same.


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Hi @Tousif27,

We shall spill the beans soon! :slight_smile:


Hi @sulaim98 ,

Delivery partners differ according to respective locations.


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Do I have to maintain 5k or this is zero balance maintenance account
Nd also if I withdraw cash in foreign tn other than forex charge
Is there any more charge like 100 plus gst from niyo end

No you don’t have to maintain 5k in account it’s still zero balance account but if you want to use the zero forex markup feature you’ll have to maintain 5k for a month of that said year in your account to activate that feature after the 31st of December 2021…zero forex is free till the end of this year after which the above will be applicable
As for the foreign transactions the terms are still a bit hazy to me
Pardon me for not being able to help on that
Thank you

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Is there any way we can increase the per transaction amount of 5k, I wanted to pay my gre fees!!!

Do you mean tap n pay limit or zero forex Markup? If you mean zero forex Markup then there is no limit for zero forex Markup (Transaction limit)

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@Sachin Oh!! I thought 5k was the per transaction limit.
Thank you for the clarification…

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Hi @iabdulaaziz ,

There are no other charges apart from 100 + GST from Niyo’s end.



Hi @Sachin @Sourav_Mohapatra ,once you’re done with your biometric KYC for NiyoX, you can make POS/ECom transactions upto ₹2,00,000 per day and do ATM withdrawals upto ₹1,00,000 per day.


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I think we can’t rely on NiyoX platinum visa debit card as it cannot go through one small transaction after 3-4 try and if you put all your money for transaction in that account You would surely gonna regret after. OTP comes from equitas bank but after putting OTP bank cannot confirm payment and all the payment aggregate service decline transaction. It can put you in a lot of trouble if you’re thinking of making large amount of payment. Please keep your alternative ready as it can fail anytime. It is totally unreliable card and payment option.

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@Nikhilkumar_Shah Hello Fellow Community Member, That used to happen before, now your transactions get approval without the security call and your transactions to a new site (by new site I mean where you haven’t made a transaction Before) won’t get failed . So yea you can now use it as primary method to pay but to be on a safe side I would recommend you to always take a backup with you

Sachin ツ

@sachin I’ve got my card recently and I’ve tried it yesterday itself to make some payment and payment got declined repeatedly. I don’t think it is working seamlessly.

@Nikhilkumar_Shah But when I tried transactions on international sites it got approved in one go , the sites I used it on :- Playstore (US account), microsoft , & Epic games. I would recommend you to check weather you have set the transaction limit for international transactions.

Sachin ツ