Introducing NiyoX ‘Invest the Change’: Turn spare change into investments💰!

Hey everyone,

We know you are loving the industry-best interest rate of 7% p.a* with NiyoX, but here’s something to make your savings experience even better. :muscle:

Introducing NiyoX ‘Invest the Change’

Ever felt guilty because you are spending all your money and saving none? :popcorn::headphones::credit_card:

No more! You can now spend guilt-free with NiyoX because each time you spend, you can set aside your spare change which then gets invested in a mutual fund of your choice.

You can think of it as your digital piggy bank, only much better since it helps you not only save but also grow your money further. This micro-investment solution lets you start small and steadily build a habit of saving and investing effortlessly.

And unlike a SIP, there is absolutely no commitment of any monthly amount!

How does it work?

‘Invest the Change’ allows you to round up all your spends (food order, cab fares, subscriptions, fund transfers etc.) made with your NiyoX account to the next 10, 50, or 100 and save the spare change. All debits in your savings account count as spends - these include your transactions made in-person at a store, online, via UPI, or even via fund transfers. The spare change that gets collected each time you spend, keeps accumulating and when it crosses ₹100, it gets auto-invested in a pre-selected mutual fund of your choice.

How does the rounding up work?

To give you an example, if you spend ₹215 for a cab ride and have opted to round up your purchases to the next 50, you would have a spare change of ₹35 that will start collecting towards your investment pool. With subsequent purchases, as spare change keeps getting accumulated and reaches ₹100, the amount will get automatically deducted from your NiyoX savings account and get invested in the mutual fund scheme you would have chosen earlier.

There are no deductions before the accumulated change crosses ₹100.

Watch this video to better understand this feature:

Get into a Save.Spend.Invest routine in just a few clicks:

Step 1: Tap ‘Investments’ on your NiyoX app and click on ‘Invest the change’

Step 2: Either pick a mutual fund from our carefully curated recommendations or click on “See all eligible funds” to check out the complete list of funds.

Step 3: Complete your KYC and Auto-Pay, if not done already.

Get started now to take the first steps towards regular investing.

Happy spending :sunglasses:!

P.S. Do check it out and let us know your feedback in the comments below. If you can’t see the feature yet, make sure you have the latest app installed.

So now what are you waiting for? Visit your NiyoX app and Turn It ON: Click here

Instead of only counting the transaction done from Niyo X A/C,
can you also count all the other trasaction done from other accounts to in this way we can save more.
Like I have other Bank A/C too and sometimes I use them for a purchase or transfer, so if you can also count those I can save more indirectly .

I know the current feature is awesome on its own but i guess this could make it better.

Thank You

Hello Piyush,

Welcome to the Niyo Community and thank you for your suggestions. Currently we only have access to NiyoX savings transactions hence we are able to consider the same for ITC calculations as well. We encourage you to transact more via your NiyoX savings account so you can reap these benefits along with a 7% interest rate above ₹1 Lakh, Zero Commission on Mutual Funds and more.

We have plans to expand it to other accounts as well in near future. We want to understand how you would like to give us access to other transactions such as via SMS, Gmail access or other modes.

Feel free to discuss. !:slightly_smiling_face:



I am using Niyo X as my daily banking app but even though sometimes I have to use other A/C too.

I understand it’s a big decision to take and yeah I guess the most easiest way to implement it is to get access of SMS, I mean most of the banking and payment app reads sms for OTP or verification , so I don’t think it will be a problem atleast for me.

I am looking forward to this implementation :star_struck:


Please add ₹5 as min round up value also because if someone spends ₹101, then ₹9 will be accumulated. Instead of this it will be better to accumulate ₹4 which will be possible with ₹5 as min round up value.

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Hi Anuvrat,
Welcome to the Niyo Community and thank you for your suggestions. As of now, we have kept the minimum round-up to next ₹10, but we will check the feasibility of having the round-up to next ₹5 as per your suggestion.

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Thanks Piyush for your suggestion on accessing the transaction data via SMS. We will check the feasibility of the same and would take it a head.


Is any charges associated with withdrawal of mutual fund . @Saurabh.Dawrani

@Irshad_Ali Niyox Doesn’t charge you For withdrawal of Mutual funds. But it also depends on which mutual funds you invested as they may charge (Respective AMC) Withdrawal charges (other than Direct Mutual Funds) You may see the Details on the Info page of The Mutual Fund before investing.

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@Sachin for example I invested 100 through my change and its get 110 then I will get the whole amount or some amount deducted by mutual fund that I invested.

Yes Niyox will invest the whole 100 And Niyox Doesn’t Charge for Withdrawal of the Mutual fund.

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Dear NiyoX Team,

I am using the Invest the change option.
One may transact more in some months and less in some. To avoid any over Investment can we keep an upper cap on the total investment we make per month or per week.
This will provide a comfort that we are not exceeding the value we have set as a threshold.

Many thanks