Introducing EPF Tracking on NiyoX 📥

A few months back, on a fine evening, one non-descript SMS chimed on my phone screen:

“Dear XXXXX, your passbook balance against PYKRP147892700000XXXXX is Rs. XXXXX/-. Contribution of Rs. 1,800/- for due month 012022 has been received.”

I have noticed these SMSes before but never paid much heed to them. I dug into my phone’s SMS inbox to find dozens of these SMSes, each coming every month promptly. But if you ask me what my current EPF balance is, I wouldn’t be able to give you even a ballpark figure. This got me thinking: How many people actively track their EPF balance? Because, frankly, I never do.

EPF is technically our own money, being parked with EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) as part of the government’s Employee Provident Fund scheme. Each salaried employee in India (subject to certain conditions) is mandated to contribute a certain amount from their basic salary to the provident fund. This money is then invested by EPFO in various market securities and the return from these investments are paid out to the employees’ EPF account in the form of interest annually.

The interest rate on the EPF is substantially higher than most of the prevalent FD (Fixed Deposit) rates in India. For FY 2020-21, the interest rate given by EPFO was 8.5%! This is a good low risk investment instrument with returns much higher than bank deposits. If you are a long time salaried employee, who contributes to EPF regularly, chances are your EPF balance has grown to be a substantially big retirement corpus. But then, why are we not actively tracking our EPF balance? I spoke to our users out there to understand this and most of the responses were in the following lines:

“It is so tough to keep track of your EPF balance. You have to go to the EPFO website and login by entering your UAN and password, which I mostly forget. It is a tedious process. Also the SMSes from EPFO don’t provide much information and they mostly get lost in the SMS archives of my mobile phone.”

This is a fundamental problem. EPFO websites are sometimes very slow and it is a hassle to remember the UAN and password. Because of this, we end up not keeping a track of the money which is technically ours. EPF is part of our investments and we should be able to track it along with our other investments such as Mutual Funds etc., at a single place, without much hassle.

And that is precisely why we are introducing the ‘EPF Tracking’ feature in your favourite NiyoX app. Now you can keep track of all your money (savings account, mutual fund investments, EPF balance etc.) at a single place. And that too without much hassle. You just need to enter the OTP triggered to your mobile number and voila: You can check not just your EPF balance but also the interest earned, transaction history etc.

Here’s how you can track your EPF balance on NiyoX app.

  1. Click on ‘Track EPF balance’ under Menu → Utilities. Or click here.
  2. Click on ‘Track’ in the next screen. We will check for EPF accounts linked to your mobile number registered with NiyoX. If found, we will trigger an OTP.
  3. Enter the OTP triggered to your mobile number.
  4. Check your EPF balance, interest earned and the transaction history!

P.S: Please update your app to the latest version to see the ‘EPF Tracking’ feature.

Go ahead, try it and let us know what you think!

Oh, and on that note, how have you been tracking your EPF balance so far?
  • EPFO website
  • SMSes from EPFO
  • Others
  • I don’t keep track of it

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I tried using this feature a dozen times on different days. but i get the same error every time.
I do get an OTP from UMANG and once i enter OTP it way it may take some time and then after a min i get error that EPFO servers are not reachable. Not sure if it is actually an epfo problem.

@Avinash_Chaluvadi First of all, I’m extremely sorry that you had to face this issue. We are getting the response from the source (EPFO) and displaying it directly (without any modification). However in some extremely rare cases, we are observing ‘Server down’ errors from EPFO after entering the OTP. While this is rare and is because of source level issue, we are still investigating the same at our end. Once again, I’m very sorry for this experience.

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My paas book and check Book apply krne he
Aapke ate kripaya hoge thank you


Hey @Mohabbat_Khan! Welcome to Niyo Community!

To apply for a chequebook, you may read our previous post here: I want a passbook and my check book - #2 by Deepak

To apply for a passbook, you may have to visit the nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank. For further help, reach out to our Live Chat Support team using your NiyoX app.