Introduce reward points for Debit card

Hello Niyo,

As Niyo IDFC SA is providing Visa Platinum debit card, why there is no reward points program / Airport Lounge Access?

I suggest to kindly add reward points and other perks in order to truly utilise the Platinum debit card.


Hi Alan,
While niyo is giving some initial offers with its debit card :slightly_smiling_face:-



, but i totally agree with you that there should be some reward points program. Even a cashback of 0.5% with spending based incremental increase in the % will make this card really solid.
Hopefully, Niyo will take cognizance of it.

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We get your query, Alan! Currently, we have a list of offers that you can avail with the Platinum debit card and a lot in our pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates! VS


Hi @Niyo_Moderator,

Thanks. Looking forward to more useful rewards… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I think, they won’t do this and it’s also unfair to ask them to do this.

Because, for NiYo, they are making money through the MDR charged to merchants when you shop online.

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Hi @sameerchoubey,

I disagree with your opinion. Because those who are joining from September 1st onwards have to maintain MAB of ₹10K. So there is nothing competitive with this account when compared to other bank accounts if there is no such reward points. So I strongly believe that Niyo will come up with more offers for this card.

Find me one card where the markup is 0% with a MAB of 10k?

From my knowledge, there isn’t any. So, for me, I would not have any problem if I had to maintain MAB of 10k [and getting 6% interest rate on it].

And for offers, I hope there are offers.

For e.g., there was a 10% instant discount of Tata Cliq that couldn’t utilize.


Majority of the Visa Platinum cards offer Airport Lounge even when it’s not mentioned on the banks website.

I have HDFC Rupay Platinum and Axis Visa Platinum, and i checked into lounge with both of these card and there’s no mention of lounge access on their websites.

I wonder the same thing here.

Have anyone tried NiYo IDFC Visa Platinum card at any airport lounge?

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